Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Money: Buy A/V Cables online instead of in store

As a former Best Buy employee I know that accessories receive the biggest markups of all of the items in the store.  I was in need a new HDMI cable recently and did a price comparison.  A 6 foot off-brand HDMI cable at Best Buy costs $20 a piece.   I purchased a pair of 6 foot cables on eBay for $6 including shipping.  I’ll definitely modify this post if the cables give less than advertised performance, but I suspect that will not be the case.  You could spend even more if you wanted to get name branded cables, but if the data is being transferred digitally (as is the case in HDMI) I don’t see how a different cable is capable of producing better quality.  Does your internet work faster if you spend big bucks on an Ethernet cable?  However if you do want to go name brand, those are way cheaper on eBay as well.