Monday, August 10, 2009

Money: Buy pop in 2 liter bottles

I'm surprised at how infrequently people buy pop in the form of 2 liter bottles. It's not hard to find store brand pop for 80 or 90 cents per 2 liter (64 ounces). That breaks down to 1.3 cents per ounce or just 17 cents per 12 oz glass. Compare that to name brand pop in cans at $3.50 per 12 pack equates to 29 cents per 12oz can. It doesn't sound like much when you think of it on a per cup basis, but 2 liters equate to roughly 40% savings. If you drink an average of 1 can per day you'd save about $40 a year, which isn't much, but multiply that by 2 cans a day or a family of 4 and then it starts to add up. Also consider how much less waste is created in the process (although that is negligible if you recycle every can along with the cardboard box).

I realize that the biggest argument against 2 liters is the portability factor, but you might be surprised at how portable a cup can be. If you want to take a pop on the road, just get enough that you know you'll finish before you arrive at your destination and leave the cup in your cars cup-holder until you get home. If you worry about spilling you can grab a cup with a lid from the nearest gas station and reuse it.

Now if I could only get a soda fountain machine installed at home...