Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Tech: One box to rule them all

I have home movies, I have downloaded movies, I subscribe to Netflix, I watch Hulu, and I have Dish Network with DVR service.  I want to do all of this on my Panasonic TV, why can’t one box handle all of this content?  Currently I’ve got my system down to two boxes with my new HTPC build and Dish Network DVR box.  How awesome would it be if those two boxes were combined?  Windows Media Center would support this if Dish Network would create (or allow the Windows team to) a PCI satellite card and WMC plug in.  Alternatively it could be accomplished for free with Boxee.  That box would sell like hotcakes.  It appears that DirecTV is partnering with Tivo again with Tivo’s new DVR service with online content support, but local content is still left out of the picture.

Why can’t cable/satellite providers realize this is what people want and partner up with hardware/software vendors to make it happen?  The first company to accomplish this would get a very strategic lead on the competition.